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The following are intended to answer the most common questions about the project.

The outline planning application that we originally submitted in late 2018 (ref. 19.00017.EIAMAJ) has been updated several times to respond to the policy objectives set out in the council’s Development Plan Document (DPD). We will be updating that application again to ensure our proposals are well aligned with the DPD as that progresses further.

We expect that the council will continue with the remaining stages of the DPD process. The next stage of the DPD process would be for the council to submit the DPD to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, who then appoints a Planning Inspector to hold an Examination in Public. The council do, however, have the ability to make a decision regarding our planning application before the DPD process is concluded.

Before we submit our updated proposals to the council we will do further community consultation. We expect this to be after the council decides that they are ready to submit the DPD to the Secretary of State.

Our outline planning application includes an Environmental Statement that considers the potential impacts of our proposals. This document includes descriptions of the pre-development situation, what impacts development could have and sets out proposed measures to avoid, or at least minimise, adverse effects.

Maltkiln would be a large development but there are well established technical measures available to us which control rainwater flows and protect environmentally sensitive areas in a far more effective and consistent way than currently occurs on farmland.

We believe that the development of Maltkiln will offer greatly increased amenities and opportunities to those living and working in the existing villages around it. Our proposals recognise the sensitivity of those villages and respect their existing character.