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Residents of Maltkiln will be encouraged to make decisions on its amenities and subsequent uses, with the new settlement combining open spaces with health and wellbeing.


A local centre will be situated close to Cattal station. The space will provide a combination of community, retail, leisure, work and events spaces for people of all ages.

To support the wellbeing of local residents, new healthcare amenities will be built as part of the development. A GP practice, dental surgery and pharmacy will be co-located with the local centre. Spaces will also be provided for worship and faith uses.

Two new primary schools will be provided, one of which is likely to include nursery provision. The council currently prefer secondary education needs to be met by Boroughbridge High School and we will be making substantial financial contributions to support this provision.

Flexible living and working

A multi-generational community will be sustained at Maltkiln through the development of a wide range of housing types such as self-build homes and specialist housing, and affordable housing. The delivery of diverse options for housing will be a cornerstone of the new settlement.

Community engagement

While this is subject to further discussions with the council, our preference is for a Community Interest Company to be created for the new settlement. This type of company would enable residents to own and manage the community assets whilst also recognising the importance of community stewardship for generations to come.

Outdoor spaces

Vibrant outdoor spaces are vital to community wellbeing. Maltkiln will include multi-functional spaces for sports, outdoor events and recreational activities. Play areas for children and young people will also be delivered as part of the development.

To further enhance spaces and community engagement, community gardens and allotments will be included in the development to provide residents with the opportunity to grow produce.

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